Company Description

EEII AG is an investment company listed on the Swiss Exchange SIX. The investment objective of the Company is to maximize long-term returns to shareholders through investments in strategically selected companies active in the energy and infrastructure sectors, with a special focus on emerging markets and in particular the Former Soviet Union. The Company is currently invested in nine Ukrainian utility companies, Ukrnafta, the premier Ukrainian oil company and Russian Gazprom, the world’s biggest gas company. The Company is also holding an equity stake in the UK listed KAZ Minerals, a natural resources group primarly based in Kazakhstan. The Company is advised in some of its activities by Weissenstein & Partner AG, a asset management firm in Zurich.

Investment Strategy

Within its universe the Company seeks to identify investment targets which are strategically well positioned to benefit from the market dynamics. Target industries and regions are defined by the Board of Directors. Within these boundaries, the Company’s Manager is responsible to analyze potential investment targets, propose certain investments and - subject to the Board approval - acquire equity stakes in such companies.

Net Asset ValueDatein CHF2020 YTD20192018
Net Asset Value21.10.20202.57-48.19 %57.46 %-11.30 %
Net Asset ValueDate in US$2020 YTD20192018
Net Asset Value21.10.20202.84-44.53 %60.00 %-12.12 %


EEII AG  -  Alpenstrasse 15  -  P.O. Box 4853  -  6304 Zug  -  Switzerland
Phone +41 41 729 42 80  -  Fax +41 41 729 42 29